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June 14, 2017
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November 28, 2017
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Just wanted to say what an honor it is to come into family’s homes and entertain their children. Parents have me coming in hoping I will be firstly, on time. Then that I am presentable and personable. And of course, that I deliver what I said I would – a great time had by all. And so I take my job of generating fun and making kids laugh seriously. And being worthy of the trust placed in me by parents. So I am never late, always dressed neatly and never disguised. And I’m entertaining the second I walk in the door, not at some prearranged time that I “go on”. And it is easy since I am a parent myself and love kids. I have been around kids my whole life and have a knack for entering their world where they are. Performing puppet shows for kids birthday parties was a natural for me. But it is more than that. When people invite you into their homes something else is required. It is a sensitivity to each family’s particular dynamic and rolling with it. It is fulfilling a trust and it is making sure that the kids have a great time and the parents are happy they found me.


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