Kids Birthday PUPPET Parties

Kids Birthday Puppet Parties in New York travels to you with their unique, interactive and very funny puppet show that is perfect for kids ages 2-9 and any event where there are kids.

For over 20 years Ken has been amazing children in the New York Tri-State area with a fantastic mix of favorite characters from film and TV and Kids Parties New York originals that are hand-crafted by Ken himself. A great alternative to most kids entertainment, our Puppet Show even has the teens and grown-ups laughing. A mix of comedy, letters, numbers, colors, sing-a-longs, tolerance and surprises will leave you happy you found us and your kids with a life-time memory. Reliable, professional, affordable, experienced and very funny!
Balloons included!

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What better way to celebrate your child’s birthday party than with a puppet show? The kids will love watching their favorite movie and TV characters come to life.

At Kids Parties New York, we’ve been entertaining children for more than 20 years. You can rely on us to provide you with original and professional entertainment that will put a smile on everyone’s face—including yours.

Pick Any Theme You Want

Seeing their favorite princess or superhero is sure to make any kid’s party unforgettable. Just imagine the look on your son or daughter’s face when they see their favorite characters appear.

At Kids Parties New York, we have characters to fit in at all kids’ birthday parties—no matter what the theme is. Whether your son or daughter wants a princess, jungle, or superhero party, we can deliver a puppet show you won’t forget. With appearances from beloved TV and movie characters as well as some originals, we can promise you and your kids a fantastic time.

Our puppet shows incorporate learning and fun for our young audience members. We also make your experience an interactive one with sing-a-longs and other activities. You won’t have to worry about the kids getting antsy or not sitting still.

Schedule Your Party Today

If you have a special occasion coming up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Kids Parties New York will provide you with fun and entertainment for everyone. Contact us by phone at 1 (718) 686-6801, or email We are based in Manhattan, NY, but we are happy to travel anywhere in the tristate area. 


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Featuring Ken & The Kids Party Puppets

Kids Parties New York

Ken & The Kids Party Puppets come to you with a unique, fun-filled and totally interactive puppet show.

Special Events

Special events are, well, special. And if there are children present, why not consider a very special way to entertain them!

Corporate Events, Picnics

The hidden population behind every company are the children of its employees.

Holiday Parties

Ken & the Kids Party Puppets have a special way to celebrate just about any holiday!

We Travel To You With Our Unique, Fun Filled and Totally Interactive Kids Party Puppet Show Perfect For Ages 2-9.



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