Do you have a play space or do you travel to us?

We are NOT a party place but we DO travel anywhere in the New York Tri-State area.

What exactly does your Kids Puppet Show include?

Our Children’s Birthday Puppet Show is less ‘quiet story time’ with puppets and more a loose structured rescue theme designed to have the kids laughing, singing along and participating with as many puppets as we can bring out. The Puppet Show is made up of skits, sing-a-longs, gags, rescues and a few surprises!

How long is the Puppet Show?

Our Kids Puppet Show runs about 45 minutes and you’ll be amazed that the kids are sitting in one spot for so long. And not just sitting – but laughing, singing along and having the time of their lives!

What about the younger kids?

Younger kids attention span is limited for any extended period, so we don’t expect them to sit for a 45 minute Puppet Show. So for the littler kids (1’s and 2’s) we do what we would do in a ‘formal’ puppet show but individually or in small groups. The wee ones are treated gently and with the care and watchful eye of a parent.

What kind of puppets do you use and is it just one person?

Yes, just one Kids Parties New York children’s puppeteer would handle the needs of your event, unless of course if it’s a block party or company picnic where you might need two children’s entertainers. The puppets themselves are all hand puppets, most of which were hand crafted by us here at Kids Parties New York

What puppets do you use?

We combine a great mix of Kids Party Puppet originals and Favorite Characters from film and TV. We’re talking Superheroes, Princesses, Dinosaurs, Kings and Queens, Dragons, Pirates, Jungle Animals, Aliens and lots more!

What about Special Needs Kids?

Special needs kids just need a little more attention and care but not be treated “differently”. That’s actually our specialty, having entertained at many special needs schools in the New York Tri-State area. We actually welcome the opportunity to share the wonder and magic of puppets with our special children.

Where do you travel to?

Kids Parties New York travels to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island and also Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Is a Puppet Show the appropriate kind of entertainment for a mixed age group?

A Puppet Show is always appropriate because kids just love puppets. And the kids are actually sitting in one spot for over 45 minutes and not running around bumping into each other. Never a worry the kids might be frightened like other types of children’s entertainment and there is something for both girls and boys. A variety of puppets in the show like pirates, dinosaurs, princesses, jungle animals, a wacky monster or two and Favorite Characters from film and TV guarantees the kid’s participation as several themes are featured all in one show. So if your kids love dinosaurs, they will also get dinosaurs, pirates, superheroes and more.