Kids Parties New York Locations

Kids Parties New York Locations

Just some of the locations where we amaze kids with the magic of puppets.

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The Kids Birthday Parties in New York! puppet show featuring Ken & The Kids Party Puppets have traveled to all of the party places above and more! The entire NYC Tri-State area is home to the funniest children's puppet show and a fantastic alternative to the usual kids party entertainment available.

Kids Parties New York - where the puppets amaze but the kids are the stars!

Balloons included!

Call now to reserve your date and time (718) 686-6801

Locations of childrens birthday entertainment with Kids Parties New York – we travel to you with our unique,interactive and very funny puppet show that is perfect for kids ages 2-9 and any event where there are kids. For over 20 years Ken has been amazing children in the New York City Tri-State area with a fantastic mix of favorite characters from film and TV and originals that are hand-crafted by Ken himself. A great alternative to most kids entertainment, our Puppet Show even has the teens and grown-ups laughing. A mix of comedy, letters, numbers, colors, sing-a-longs, tolerance and surprises will leave you happy you found us and your kids with a life-time memory. Reliable, professional, affordable, experienced and very funny! Balloons are included. Each kids’s entertainer brings with them a unique and imaginative puppet show with pirates, superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and plenty of Muppets for the younger kids! The Kids Parties New York puppet show isn’t just New York City but Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and of course Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.



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