Book Where You Want To Have The Party First!

Kids Are A Tough Audience But…
May 26, 2017
Book Where You Want To Have The Party First! (Pt. 2)
May 30, 2017
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If you are not having the kids party you are planning at home, then my advice is book a venue first. Before the food (if they do not serve) or the entertainment, book the room. Many party places book well in advance and you will be stuck either at home or a public space like a park. Outside you must contend with the weather and heat (or lack thereof). And that is okay, if it doesn’t rain or isn’t very hot that day. Or too cold! See what I mean? Book the pizza place or ice cream parlor or party space first! And then you can move on to the kids entertainer, which should be next on the to do list as they book early also.


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